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Air Conditioning for Office Pods

​iCooling has worked with some of the most prestigious architects, interior designers and pod manufacturers to create quiet, calm and energy efficient air controlled

Office Pod environments.

Responsive G R E E N Cooling/Heating for Personal Air Spaces

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Traditional AC simply isn't compatible with most pod spaces, not least because of the ducting or pipework requirement. This is particularly true where flexibility is required, often the case in dynamic corporate project environments, where small pods may need to be redeployed elsewhere in the future. 

Enter - iCoolings Uniquely Innovative Pod Cooling Systems

Our system doesn't need

Refrigerant. An outdoor unit. Planning permission. Pipework, ductwork or a 3 phase supply.

The system has

A small footprint & sophisticated personal temperature control for cooling or heating.

Simple Installation

Our air filtered, low energy all-electronic pod cooler & heater takes less than 1 hour to install.

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Want to know more?

Pods are becoming increasingly popular and with that the necessity for a new approach to controlling the workable temperature within. That's where iCooling comes in. Contact us now to find out more or to discuss working with us.

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