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Is your Future Looking PEACHI?

The NEW way to cool and heat people and targeted spaces.

Turn your hot pod into a cool PEACHI Pod!

Personal Electronic Air Cooling Heating Innovation

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PEACHI doesn't need

Refrigerant. An outdoor unit. Planning permission. Pipework, ductwork or a three phase supply.

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A small footprint & sophisticated personal temperature control for cooling or heating.

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PEACHI is green

Our air filtered, low energy all-electronic cooler & heater system is an

AC game changer.

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Personal Electronic Air Cooling and Heating Innovation is iCoolings  patented system  specifically designed and developed in house initially for Pods and incorporating a number of unique features unavailable elsewhere.

Pods have developed dramatically in recent years particularly with the reduction of office colleagues and the increase in home working. Pods are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes designed for many applications. There has been an influx of yoga pod studios,  therapy rooms, retail shops, pod beauty salons and hairdressers, pop up pod cafes, gyms in a pod,  man caves, she sheds and so on - But how do the occupants stay comfortable, cool and warm without using a separate energy draining heater or fan blowing stale air around confined areas? It is these such pods and spaces that need to be powered by PEACHI.


Standard Air Conditioning is very difficult to install in a pod situation - they need an indoor and outdoor unit which often means this traditional AC is simply not practical and is of course environmentally unfriendly with its use of refrigerant and high energy consumption.


AT A GLANCE - Some of the benefits of our Cool PEACHI Pod Solutions?

PEACHI Reduces/Increases Ambient Air Temp' by up to 8°C

PEACHI is Environmentally Friendly and Fully Recyclable

PEACHI has Only One Moving Part (the fan)

PEACHI is All Electronic and Lightweight

PEACHI has Low Power Consumption

PEACHI does Not Use Refrigerant

PEACHI is Quiet Running

PEACHI is Plug and Play

PEACHI is Ultra Reliable

PEACHI comes with a 5 Year Guarantee as Standard

PEACHI has the option of additional UV and Particle Filters

Example - The PEACHI S1

Original PEACHI S1 Prototype

Cool/Heat for Kiosks &
Booths with PEACHI S1


Single Space Unit - Kiosks, Phone Booths, Ticket

Offices, Security Huts - 1 Person

 PEACHI S1 can be fitted into really small ceiling voids


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Cool/Heat for Office
Pods with PEACHI S2


Pods - Garden Offices, Small Meeting Rooms,

Home Cooling Solutions - 2-4 People

PEACHI S2 Can be fitted into small ceiling voids


Cooling/Heating Larger Spaces with PEACHI S3

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Higher Occupancy Solutions - To be announced

Temperature Control for up to 12 people

Length & width to be confirmed but 9cm high

Ideal for rooms/buildings with no traditional AC

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